Dusty Wallace

Central Ohio Media Professional  - Owner/Artist at WallaceCreative.net

Reminder To Love

Thanksgiving 2015 was good.

Melinda and I celebrated our daughter Cadence's first Thanksgiving with multiple stops in multiple cities to see friends and family. There was food. There was laughing. There was lack-of-baby-napping... all the things you could hope for. There was, however, a slight hiccup while traveling.

Melinda's family lives a little over 2 hours away from us. On long holiday weekends, we try to visit for a day or so. This Thanksgiving was no exception. We drove the baby to sleep, we listened to music... talked about work, and home, and memories. We had already eaten 2 delicious meals... it was a good day.

About halfway into our trip, on a long stretch of interstate, we drove by a wreck... a big wreck.

There were a bunch of people stopped, helping the victims... Enough so that they were waving all of us rubberneckers on by. We must have just missed the actual accident by mere minutes, as there was no emergency personnel on the scene.

We drove like everyone else, acknowledging the waves from the early-arriving good samaritans to "keep on" and not cause another accident by being distracted. But as we drove past... we saw a man. He was laying on the ground... receiving CPR.

The air was sucked out of our car. Cadence was safely sleeping in her carseat. The radio was on a quiet classical station. All of the Norman Rockwell-ian banter ceased. 

Later on, we saw news postings of what happened. And frankly, I'm sure I could post a link from the news story in this post... but it just feels "not right" to do so. The long and the short of it is, the man did not survive. 

So why do I share this? It's not heart-warming. It's sad. It's scary, even. There's a lot of "moral to the story" type angles I could close with. I could coin anything from driving safe during the holidays to keeping close the precious moments we have. Those things are all true, for sure. But I don't think that's what is resonating with me.

I keep thinking, "I hope that man knew he was loved." 

... knew he was loved by family and friends. And even if he didn't know that love, I hope he knew that the originator of love, God himself loves him very much. 

Only so many people can help when people are in physical harm, malfunction, or illness... but everyone can help with preventative medicine for the soul... the heart... the mind. That medicine is love. Let's administer it freely.