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Central Ohio Media Professional  - Owner/Artist at WallaceCreative.net

Warm Christmas

On November 19th, 2015, Eric and I had the pleasure of interviewing author, and Floodgate Productions co-founder, Gary Molander on The Plugged In Church. We covered a lot of topics, but we spent some time talking about media and production for the church during the Christmas/Advent season.

Gary succinctly and beautifully stated something that Eric and I had talked about before, and that 'something' was what people are "looking" for from church at Christmastime. He said...

"When people come to your churches in December, they're looking for two things. They're looking for home, and they're looking for a place that's warm." - Gary Molander
Catch the whole conversation by CLICKING HERE!

I absolutely love that thought for all of us church artists, pastors, and so-on... but I think it rings true for how we conduct ourselves, not just during Christmas, but all the time.

Imagine the work holiday party you don't want to go to. That one side (or part) of the family you would rather not see. Your pet knocking over the tree. Getting short with the store-clerk, not because of something they did, but because you're sweating your gift budget.

What if in all of those situations you asked yourself, "Am I being warm?" --- Are you being loving? Gentle? Kind? 

As believers, we are gifted with the Christmas season in many ways. When it comes to our faith and sharing it, Christmas is a unique gift. This time of year is one that tends to warm hearts to Jesus enough to let them step into a church. How are we doing? Are we taking advantage of this warmth? Are we extending that atmosphere with our words, gestures, body language? 

Be loving. Be engaged. Be expectant. Be warm. 

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