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A Decade Of Facebook

How long I've been married - 5 years

Longest I've ever owned a car - 5 years

How long I've owned a house - 2.5 years

How long I've had a Facebook account - 10 years

... that's right. At some point in 2016, I will have had a Facebook account for 10 years.

Now, my reason for mentioning this has nothing to do with social commentary on why people should or should not partake in social media. I just think it's interesting.

10 years ago, there were no iPads... no tablets, really. 

10 years ago, Green day won an Grammy for Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

10 years ago, Miley Cyrus was best known as Hannah Montana.

10 years ago, Taylor Hicks won American Idol.

10 years ago, Steve Irwin was killed by a sting ray.

10 years ago, bird flu was a big deal... and speaking of birds... Dick Cheney accidentally shot that guy while hunting for quail.

And 10 years ago, in my dorm room, I signed up for a Facebook account posting status updates that had to begin with the word "is".

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Now that I got you down memory lane a bit... did you think social media was going to be what is today?

I mean... we had AIM screen-names that became obsolete. Myspace got... well, weird. So why wouldn't we think any other social media (or all of it) would eventually go the way of the dinosaur?

My wife tells a great story that illustrates the social media paradigm shift. It goes a little something like this...

When my wife began working on her undergrad in music education (2006), all of her professors told her to stay off of Myspace, Facebook, blogs... aka... any social media (of that time). They did this under the banner that social media was "unprofessional" and other such things. You don't want your future employers to see your drunken party pictures, do you???? 

Fast forward to 2013, when she began her masters work (also in music education)... and now all of a sudden her professors are saying that she needs be on Twitter. She needs to be on Facebook. She needs to maintain a blog. Why? Because social media is a living resume and a great tool for professional networking.

So why bring this up? Why run-down some random '06 trivia and tell you a story about my wife?

It's about change, really.

For example (staying with the Facebook theme), my Facebook posts in 2006 were more ironic and/or angsty. My Facebook posts in 2016 are mostly pictures of my daughter. In 2006, social media was "bad" for your career. In 2016, social media is a must-have for many careers.

So let this rambling lead me to one closing thought (however rhetorical or vague it may be)...

When something new or different comes along, are you going to be afraid of its potential to do you harm? Are you going to assume it will phase out? OR... when something new comes along, are you going to be a little more optimistic?