Dusty Wallace

Central Ohio Media Professional  - Owner/Artist at WallaceCreative.net

What We Think We Know

I am most certainly not an athlete. I appreciate athletes. Being born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, I love watching OSU football. My wife and her family being from Cincinnati have gifted me with a rooting interest in the Bengals and the Reds. I also weirdly love sports radio, especially local sports radio.

Something I hear talked about on sports radio is how each time football players go to the next level (high school to college, college to pro) there is a little bit of re-teaching that has to happen. In other words, the things that worked in the player's previous system doesn't always translate to the next level. That's why you always hear about measurables, raw ability, etc. around draft time. Some skills, tricks, techniques, etc. may have worked at the previous level... but to move on, you have to delete it... replace it with something meant for the next level.

Every time I hear conversations like that, I think about a "truth" I thought I knew as a kid...

Around the time I was in kindergarten and first grade, my mom, 2 of my brothers, and myself lived in an apartment with this "yard" that was shared by all of the other units on our little block... I'm assuming it was less yard and more of a common area??? Why not. Our apartment complex was maybe a 10 minute drive from the Port Columbus airport.

Especially in warmer months, while you were outside, it was extremely common to see and hear airplanes over head. On many, you would see the cloud-like streams of the jet-exhaust.

I remember looking up at the sky, watching these planes while my New Kids On The Block cassette tape played in the background, seeing these clouds of exhaust smoke billow out of their engines. If you watched long enough... you'd see these billows expand as the plane got farther and farther away. 

No joke... Until probably the 4th grade... I thought that's how clouds were made. Don't judge me!

I know it sounds ridiculous... but it's true!

I never really voiced that belief, because I didn't think it was important. I assumed it was common knowledge. And frankly, being misinformed about the water-cycle at the age of 6 really had no bearing on how I carried on with daily life.

So... why mention football draft talk, and an embarrassing misconception I had as a child? Because of this...

We only know what we know, and that's ok. But it's also ok to know new things.

Vague? You betcha'

Fortune cookie-ish? No doubt.

... but it's true.

Resting on pure athleticism as a QB in college is ok in college... but if you never learn to read defensive coverage, you probably won't last in the NFL.

Thinking airplanes make clouds is ok at 6 years old... but at 10 years old, believing that will make the graders of your standardized fall out of their chair laughing.

Apply that same rule to life... to music... to love... to faith... to anything. If you're not learning, you're not growing.

P.S. - I hear Southwest has great non-stop rates on their cloud-makers right now.