Dusty Wallace

Central Ohio Media Professional  - Owner/Artist at WallaceCreative.net

Why "The Plugged In Church"?

A couple years ago... I had a couple of acquaintances. Fellow artists. Fellow technicians. Fellow brothers in Jesus invite me in to something really... really... cool. (Insert 'not-so' cliff-hanger here).

I've been active in the production of church worship services since I was a kid, being taken under the wing of staff members and laymen of my childhood church. I began playing for and singing-in worship settings at the same time. I played and lead in worship bands all through high school. I got really active in it around 2007. Took my first ministry job the same year. Took on lead worship director responsibilities in 2010. Pursued a vocational worship pastor role the same year. Was offered a staff position at a great church in 2012 (where I still serve). Sprinkled in there I worked music retail. Taught private lessons. Tech directed productions. Even taught vocal music in an elementary & middle school... and never once did I ever feel that worship magazines, gear catalogues, or conferences were pointed at me.

Why? Because I don't serve in churches with thousands upon thousands of members.

It seemed like so many publications were pointed at my mega-church brothers and sisters. Companies seemed to subliminally say "buy this $20,000 audio console, and your attendance will double." And... disclaimer... I'm sure that's not the case... but it felt like it.

So... when Eric Frisch & Josh Howey dropped me a line to be a guest on their podcast called "The Plugged In Church" in my first year on-staff at my current church... I was intrigued. I said yes. It sounded good... and we "kind of" knew each other. These guys went to college with my wife, they worked for the same schools & communities as I did (although at different times)... and we apparently ran in 99% of the same circles while passing like ships in the night (go Matt Kearney song reference, go!).

Before my guest debut on the show, I pulled up their archives. I was hooked. I shredded through episodes upon episodes for the next couple days.

These guys were talking to me. My size church. My size budget. My ballpark of vision and calling. I didn't feel "ashamed" that I wasn't in a mega-church. I didn't feel like I was being filled-up with wish-list ideas... because I was being filled-up with practical ideas.

Late last year, after guesting a couple more times, I was asked to come on as a full-time co-host with Eric, as Josh went off to do some really great solo projects (check those out here). I happily accepted.

We just published our 71'st episode this week. Our listening audience is growing at a steady pace. The audience is breaking international barriers (apparently we have a bunch of listeners in France... who knew?). All of this is by word of mouth... simple retweets, reposts, and "likes".

Here soon we hope to scrounge up some cash to advertise more and maybe talk to some potential sponsors. All that said... we do what we do for churches of all sizes, staff types, and so on... but we continue to do it all with the small and/or under-resourced church in mind.

We want to be practical, fun, honest, and eclectic. We truly are all in this together... we want to model that camaraderie for the sake of expanding the beauty and presence of Christ here on Earth... one podcast at a time ;)

Check us out. Share us with your friends. Email us. Tweet at us. Ask questions. We'd love to hear from you.

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